At Five Counties Automation Limited we have always regarded the safety of our automation equipment as an important factor when specifying.  It is more important now than ever before, with new government guidelines and regulations being introduced at regular intervals.

All of our equipment is installed with this in mind, with the pressure or torque settings being adjusted within regulation requirements whilst still providing an effective security system. 



FC50 Photocells are designed to primarily provide a safety feature for systems. They can also be used to provide a free access or exit facility. The units can be mounted onto or into brickwork, steel posts and or free-standing support posts.

The photocells work by sending a beam from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit. When the beam is obstructed it is broken and sends a signal to the control board preventing the gates from operating.

Photocell Ghost

The Ghost Photocells are surface only units. They offer the same type of safety features as the FC50 units but are mounted directly onto the support posts or brickwork. These units are limited regarding alignment and adjustment but are suitable for most domestic and some commercial installations.  Units are available with battery transmitter units, useful when cabling across the driveway is not an option.

 Vehicle Loop Detectors

Photocell 60

The FC60 photocells are similar in operation to the other units except that there is adjustment along the horizontal and vertical plane.

These units can protect gateways of up to 20 metres in width.

Loops dotted

Loop detectors give protection to vehicles only and are not immediately obvious to bypassers. This feature works by the installation of loop cable beneath the surface of the driveway. When a vehicle passes over the induction loop the metal causes the detector board to change state and signal the control board not to allow the automation to close until the vehicle has cleared the safety zone.

This is a highly effective method of providing vehicle safety.

 Safety Buffers


Safety Buffer edges are ideal for providing safety to protect pedestrians and vehicles. These electro-mechanical units can be installed onto the gate leading edge, hinge posts or any other edge that may be an entrapment point on the gates..

When activated by an obstruction the safety edge provides a ‘stop and reopen’ signal to the gate control board via a hard wired or wire free link.

The advantage of these units is the anti-crush facility offered that some other safety units cannot. 

For more information about how we can provide a safe automation package or improve an existing system why not contact us now on 01827 717555 or email:

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