Whatever system you choose we can incorporate a range of accessories to operate and enhance your automation experience.  We can supply and install radio control, pushbuttons, intercoms, card readers, digital keypads and key-switches configured to your requirements.

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Radio Control

Radio Control is perhaps the most popular and convenient method of operating an automation system. These small and discreet units send a signal to the receiver.

These units offer a good range, enabling the user to open the gates or barrier without exiting the vehicle.

Radio transmitters and receivers are available to operate single or multiple installations. Up to 4 systems can be controlled at the same site from one four-button transmitter.



Audio Intercoms enable you to communicate with callers from within the property ensuring that your security is not compromised by unwanted visitors.

These attractive systems are hardwired from the entry panel to the handset inside the property.  Vandal resistant entry panels are also available increasing the durability of the units.

Video intercoms allow you to view the caller as well as speak to them. Available in colour or mono the monitors provide a clear picture of the caller.  The monitors have a facility to enable the person answering the call to view the caller without answering the call.

A simple push of a button on the handset allows the caller to enter.

Intercoms are available in many different configurations, multiple-handsets and entry panels.  Entry panels available with a combined digital keypad.


GSM technology has come a long way since the first mobile phone.  We can now offer a GSM intercom removing the need for signal cabling from the entry panel to the property, especially useful when the distance from the gate to your house is a large distance requiring larger diameter wires.

These panels are the intercom equivalent of a mobile phone, calling preprogrammed telephone numbers when the call button is pressed.  The receiver of the call can open the gates by entering a code into the telephone.

Prior to installation of a GSM intercom you will need to ensure that the signal of your chosen sim provider is strong,.  These units will work with a contract phone or pay as you go, the choice is yours.

Obviously this intercom offers you a greater operating flexibility than the hardwired intercoms as you can have the panel ring your mobile phone.

 Digital Keypads


Digital Keypads offer a simple but effective system for multiple users. A code number of up to six digits is programmed into the unit and given to authorised users of the system, providing entry or exit through the gate or barrier.

For ongoing security the number can easily be changed using the programming code supplied. Simple instructions for the programming of the keypad will be provided.



Card readers provide a high level of access control over a large number of system users. Each card has its own digital signature and can be individually programmed onto or removed from the memory of the card reader. This gives full flexibility within the system.

Some card reader systems can also be connected to a computer to monitor the traffic in and out of the premises, enabling you to see who is on site and when they entered or exited through the gates or barrier.


Key switch

Key-switches are useful when there are multiple users of the entrance such as an office or industrial premises car park. Keys can easily be cut to accommodate any number of users.

The key-switch can be attached inside, outside or both, with the same key profile on all units.

 For more information about the different ways to operate your automation why not give us a call on 01827-717555 or email

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